January 6, 2015, FINRA notes that it observes shortcomings in five key areas of broker-dealer activity.

alignment of firms’ interests with those of their customers;
standards of ethical behavior;
development of strong supervisory and risk management systems;
development, marketing and sale of novel products and services; and
management of conflicts of interest.

October, 2014 – The Department of Business Oversight released the 2013 Report of California Finance Lender License activity shows that licensee made $7.9B on $59.5B of commercial loans, and $3.57B on $18.5B of consumer loans with the average commercial loan being $106,650, and the average consumer loan $43,521.  Real estate secured 87.3% of consumer …

Los Angeles County Superior Court.  All probate cases pending in district courthouses, except in the North District, will be transferred to Department 29 in the Central District. Individual transfer notices for each reassigned case will be sent to the petitioning parties. The date and time of the hearing will remain as currently set.

Probate cases include …

Los Angeles County Superior Court.  Effective June 14, 2013, the Los Angeles Superior Court will no longer provide court reporters for general jurisdiction civil matters, except in the writs departments – 82, 85 and 86 – located in the Stanley Mosk Courthouse. The writs departments will continue to use the established matrix for court reporter …