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Civil Litigation

This firm has experience acting as litigation attorneys for individuals, entrepreneurs, and businesses in federal, and state courts, and arbitrations in a cost-effective and responsive manner

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Local Counsel

As a Los Angeles lawyer, we accept referrals from out of state, or foreign counsel, and have experience handling a broad array of litigation involving claims for breach of contract, collections, fraud, probate and trust…

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Judgment Enforcement

In California, the term “judgment creditor” refers to a party in whose favor a judgment is entered whereas “judgment debtor” refers to the party against whom the judgment is entered. A “money judgment” is…

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The term “trademark” includes any word, name, symbol, or device, or any combination thereof—(1) used by a person, or (2) which a person has a bona fide intention to use in commerce and applies to register on the principal register…

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Law never is, but is always about to be.
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